TK Lawless

NIMBA’s first alternating direction trail depending on the day, TK is a fast flowing trail with twisty single track, lots of short climbs, long straightaways, a couple of corkscrews, whoopties and fast downhills. An intermediate trail due to length and hill climbs as opposed to technical features, you will find some rooty climbs that may challenge beginners.

Hours of operation  Sunrise to Sunset
Length 10 Miles
Skill Level Intermediate
Construction: Loop, Single Track, single direction but alternating depending on day
Alternate Direction Days Tuesdays, Thursdays + Saturdays
Admission Cass County Parks Entrance Fee
Hiking  Opposite direction of riders, not many hikers

Access Points  The trail starts at the kiosk. You can exit the trail after 6 miles.

Tips: Watch out for the sand at the bottom of the two track downhill. The first 6 miles have more hill climbs than the last 4 miles, so don’t give up after the first 6 miles. The last 4 miles have the natural whoopties and the corkscrews.

Race Date at TK Lawless
Sunday July 22, 2018 

Address  15122 Monkey Run St Jones, MI 49061    GPS 41.89892, -85.85751

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