Potato Creek

Fast flowing single track. Great trail for beginners. Intermediate and advanced riders can work on their speed at Potato Creek.

Potato Creek is in north-central Indiana about 12 miles southwest of South Bend. The park features a wide array of activities and facilities for year-round enjoyment. Making reservations is advisable to enjoy some of the facilities at this very popular park.

A variety of natural habitats await, including the 327-acre Worster Lake, old fields, mature woodlands, restored prairies and diverse wetlands. Each offers unique opportunities for plant and wildlife observation.

Length: 7.7 miles
Skill Level: Beginner and Intermediate
Construction: Loop, Single Track, single direction
Hiking: Opposite direction of riders
Entrance Fee: Indiana State Parks Fee $7 in state / $9 out of state. Season passes available.

Access Points: Main trail head at beach parking lot kiosk. Peppermint Hill Shelter – follow sledding hill signs. Campground –  in the woods behind the Well House.

Tips: Start at Peppermint Hill to move the climb at the beginning of the trail to the end of ride. Ride early in the day to have the trail to yourself. The beach is a great place to cool off in June and early July.

Directions 25601 State Road 4 North Liberty, IN 46554  (574) 656-8186   GPS Info 41.55541, -86.35738

Race Date at Potato Creek
Sunday June 24 2018

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