Bonneyville Mill

Bonneyville Mill trail is 5.63 miles long.  Two minor extensions to the trail were completed in 2015, they have not been added into the total trail mileage yet.

Total (all loops) 5.63 miles
Valley Line Loop 1.28 miles
Briar Patch Side (all loops) 4.35 miles
Meadow Run 0.85 miles
West Side Option 0.32 miles

You can start near the school house or near the road by the Briar patch shelter.  The best starting point for riders new to mountain biking is at the Briar Patch.   The school house start does include some climbing at the start.

The trails are color coded for skill level: Green indicates easiest, Blue is more difficult and Black is expert.

53373 County Road 131  Bristol, IN 46507

Race Dates at Bonneyville April 30th

bonneyville trail

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