Tour de Nimba Start Times, After Party, and Registration FAQ:

Where does TDN start?
Orchard Shores West shelter at Potato Creek State Park

What time does TDN start?
Well, we have 3 routes planned for the 2014 Tour de NIMBA; 100K, 50K, and a Potato Creek Family Fun route. We encourage riders to following these start times:

100K – 10AM from the Orchard Shores shelter at Potato Creek State Park. The start time is designated to get you back to PC for the after party, which will be serving food from 1 to 4PM. Everyone MUST attend a rider’s meeting prior to departing at 9:45AM.

*100K Early Bird Start – If you are riding in the 100K and wish to start at 9AM, you may do so understanding the following. The gate at Bendix Woods does not open until 10AM and the SAG at Bendix Woods will not be open by the time you get there. Additionally, the after party does not start until 1PM at Potato Creek, so you may arrive before that begins as well. If you choose this option, you must report to registration at 8:30AM and be ready for a rider’s meeting at 8:50AM

50K – 11AM from the Orchard Shores shelter at Potato Creek State Park. The start time is designated to get you back to PC for the after party, which will be serving food from 1 to 4PM. Everyone MUST attend a rider’s meeting prior to departing at 10:45AM.

PC Family Fun route – the trail at Potato Creek will be open all day for riders and family of riders. An entry fee is not required for this route, but donations are always accepted. All donations go back into our trails!

Where are the route maps?
The route maps will be available on the day of the ride and the night before in Garmin compatible formats that you can download to your cycling computer. This route is not all on public land and is only to be ridden on the day of the ride. No pre or post riding please.

What’s this after party and when does it take place?
The TDN after party starts at 1PM and continues until the last person leaves that evening! After Party Food AND Drink sponsored by Evil Czech Brewery  at the Orchard Shores shelter. This should allow plenty of time for riders to finish their routes and get back for some food and friends.

How much does the after party cost?
If you paid an entry to ride in Tour de NIMBA, food is included! If you are family of a rider and still want to eat some of the great food we have planned; it will be $10 for adults, $6 for kids 6 and over, and free for kids under 6 years old. Again, all proceeds go back into trail building and maintenance.

All this sounds good, how do I register?

You can register two ways:

Click here This is preferred because it’s easier for us to plan with pre-regs.
Register the morning of TDN at the Orchard Shores shelter at Potato Creek.

Save $10 if you register online before September 20th
Registration opens at 8:30AM and continues until 10AM. We ask that everyone be in the park and registered by 10AM to help us plan the rest of the day.

This sounds like it’s going to be a lot of fun, how much will it cost me?
All this fun can be had for only $25! if you are a NIMBA member and sign up online before September 20th

Any other fees? 
There is a fee to get into the park if you don’t already have a pass. $5 for Indiana $7 for other states.

What about the weather?
You weren’t with us last week I guess? We roll rain or shine! Epic rides make better stories.

What if I signed up for the event and decide not to ride?
If you’re unable to participate, your support will still be appreciated! Registration fees and donations are non-refundable and non-transferable

What’s provided at the rest stops?
There will be food and beverage and a first aid kit at each of the rest stops. We will also have a support person for bike adjustments as well as a pump if you want to adjust your tires between the road and the trail. We will also have support out roaming the routes. If you have a mechanical that cannot be fixed along the way, we will scoop you up off the course and bring you back to Potato Creek.

Anything I need to do to get ready for the ride?
The most important element to your enjoyment of the ride is your preparation, so make sure your bike is in tune and you train properly. If you show up with the expectation that TDN is a fun ride and event, you will have a great time riding.

What kind of bike do I need?
Any bike you can navigate our trails with should be find. If you aren’t familiar with our trails we would recommend a Mountain bike. A cross bike would also work if you are a good rider. A hybrid or road bike with wide tires might be workable if you skipped the trails. You will be traveling on dirt, gravel and sandy trails on the road portion of the course.

Do I have to wear a helmet or other safety equipment?
Yes, all participants are required to wear a CPSC or Snell approved helmet during the entire ride and it is recommended that your bike be equipped with a blinking tail light. We also encourage you to wear brightly colored or reflective clothing.

Do we follow rules of the road while we are cycling?
Yes, riders must always follow the rules of the road; all traffic signs and operations must be followed. Never pass on the right-hand side of a fellow cyclist.

What about route safety?
There will be volunteers at some intersections, but it is still important to be cautious as our volunteers have no legal authority to halt traffic!

Can I bring my dog?
Sorry but for safety reasons we ask that you leave your 4-legged friends at home. Dogs are always welcome at the after party at Potato Creek, but not anywhere along the ride.

Will there be free beer?

What if I am so tired I can’t drive home after the event? 
Stay and camp out.

One last question, how will I be scored in this event?
There is no official scoring for TDN as it isn’t a true race. We will use number plates and volunteers at each of the trails to log riders and ensure they cover the entire route, including the trails. We’ll have some special things planned for the people who tackle all of it.

Remember, it’s OK to register and just ride the roads or maybe skip a trail that you don’t care for along the TDN route; we just plan to specially recognize the riders that finish the full 100K and 50K in the inaugural TDN. We’ll track that at each trail along the way.

What are those trails one more time?

Potato Creek, then Bendix Woods, then Rum Village and back to PC for the 100K.

Potato Creek, then Rum Village and back to Potato Creek for the 50K.