5 Trail Challenge final info

5 Trail Challenge final info.

The weekend is upon us and here are the final details and instructions for the NIMBA 5 Trail challenge. T-shirt pickup is at TK Lawless On Saturday am 9-11.

Thank you for your continued support for NIMBA and your local trails.

Start times –  If you have pre-registered you may start at any trail as long as they are open or accessible. If registering the day of you will need to sign up at TK Lawless between 9 and 11 am on Saturday.

End times –  The event will end at all trails at the time they close for the evening or at 9 pm Sunday, whichever comes first.

Segments –  The five trail segments you will be timed on are live and are named as follows.

TK Lawless= let eagles fly. 

Bonneyville Mill= millin’ it up.

Potato Creek= Bobcat alley.

Rum Village= Rum dum dum.

Bendix woods= Studebaker run.

Please verify by saving your ride at each trail that the above segment is listed on your saved ride on Strava. Remember to turn off your Strava when traveling between trails and start a new ride at each trail.

I would recommend you save each ride by naming it “Five trail challenge Potato Creek” or whichever trail you have just completed.

Time discount. There are a total of 11 areas amongst the five trails for the opportunity to subtract 45 seconds at each area. The areas will be marked as you approach by orange or red hash marks painted on the trail within 50-200 feet before the designated area. Once you reach the area you will find a semi-circle with the initials of the trail inside of it. Place your bike (or part of) in the circle, take a picture, and move on. If you take pictures at any of the trails you will need to upload the photos to your Strava ride of the same trail to receive the time discount.

The times will be compiled at the conclusion of each night and the results will be posted as soon as they are sorted. It may be Monday evening before final results are posted but we will try our best to get them done Sunday evening.

GPS and Strava. Please verify that you have a good signal BEFORE you start your ride. Don’t forget to start your ride and remember you aren’t being timed on the whole lap, just the segment.

Please make sure you join the 5 Trail Challenge Group and NIMBA  Event on Strava. That will make it easier for us to keep score and you to see how your competitors or doing 😉

Trail etiquette  If you are coming upon a slower rider please be courteous. Announce your presence and request to pass at the earliest opportunity. We opened this event to all riders to show that whether we race or just ride recreationally we all share the same love for the trails.

If you still have questions please post them on the 5 Trail Challenge Event page on Facebook. or Ask on Twitter

Be respectful of others and above all have fun. We look forward to seeing you all out there!

27th Annual Yankee Springs Time Trial April 24th

Local races don’t start until May but that doesn’t mean you have to wait to start racing. Head up to Yankee Springs, hit their race and talk up the Michiana Mountain Bike Race Series to bring more competition down to race on our local trails .

The 2016 Yankee Springs Time Trial (and MMBA Championship Point Series race #1) will take place on Sunday, April 24, 2016!

The Yankee Springs Time Trial has been in existence for 27 years.  Yes, that’s right. This year is the 27th anniversary of the event! The race is the third largest turnout mountain bike event in Michigan and has exceeded 700 racers who annually test their start of the year fitness on 11+ miles of some of the most advanced and well-maintained single track in the state.


Due to lack of pre-registrations, high insurance costs and a number of other factors we have been forced to cancel Tour De NIMBA this year. Thank you to those who have already registered. An email offering refund options will be sent to you by the end of this week.

The season awards will be available at an upcoming meeting. Watch the official page for details.

This weekend looks like a great weekend for riding, so don’t let this stop you from enjoying our trails!

NIMBA August 2015 Update

Winona Cross Country race this Sunday 8/16/15
Race #4 in the MMBRS series is this Sunday at Winona.  The weather looks great for the race and you can signup online until 5PM on Saturday to save money over day of race registration.  For more information on the Winona Race.

Tour de LaPorte Time Trial Saturday 8/22/15
NIMBA is once again helping to put on this race with all of the money going to a good cause.  The venue is great, a beach on a clean lake. The course is unique, a  1 mile ride on lakeshore road to start, then the always fun mountain bike trail with a fast ride on some hiking trails thrown in .  Great food afterwards.  If you are really up for a challenge sign up for the road bike time trial earlier in the day.  Use the NIMBA discount code when you register online.  For more information on Tour de LaPorte.

Level 1 Skills Clinic Wednesday Evening 8/26/15
NIMBA ICP certified instructor will be teaching a level 1 skills clinic at Rum Village on Wednesday evening 8/26/15.  Watch the NIMBA Facebook page for more information.

Registration is Open for Tour de NIMBA 10/3/15
The third annual Tour de NIMBA is now open for registration.

Ride 100K and do PC, Bendix and Rum in one day. Ride 50K and ride PC and Rum.

Register online before 9/1/15 and save $10.  For more information on Tour de NIMBA.


Other upcoming MMBRS Races
Imagination Glen Cross Country Race 9/6/15

TK Lawless Cross Country Race 9/20/15


IMG_8401.JPG We found the rest of the cool black NIMBA 20th anniversary shirts.

We also have the gray Potato Creek shirts and the green socks and gray socks.  If you want to get some swag, come see us at an  upcoming event or send us an email  and we will see what we can do.

Potato Creek Race this weekend!

The sun is back, the trails are drying out and it looks like a perfect weekend ahead to race mountain bikes. Potato Creek is a great place for your first race and plenty of challenging for experts alike. If you haven’t joined NIMBA yet click on the join link to save some money on your registration and help support the trails. Once you have joined go to Bike Reg and sign up for the race this weekend.  All the race info can be found at the Michiana Mountain Bike Race Series site.

Join us this Sunday at TK Lawless our race

Join us this Sunday for our race at TK. Great venue for beginners and experts alike.

Format XC – Cross Country. Riders in groups by class. 1st to cross the finish line wins.
Course The mountain bike trail plus hiking trails to create a lengthened course with additional passing opportunities. Course is subject to final approval by the parks department.
Registration Registration begins at 8:00am on race day at TK Lawless or sign up online and save!
Pre registration is open until 5pm Saturday night.

Experts Start begins at 9am Eastern Time and will run 2 laps of approximately 13.5 miles each lap

Sport 2 Laps of approximately 11.0 miles each lap. Starting time will be 10:15 Eastern Time

Beginner 1 lap of approximately 11.0 miles Starting time will be 10:45 Eastern Time

Kids will run a 2 mile course that will start after the beginners.
The race fees for 2015 are as follows

Member $25 pre-registration, $30 day-of registration (the discount entry for the race is if the racer is a member of NIMBA, KCV or Outback Trail Commission).

Non-Members $35 pre-registration, $40 day-of registration

Sponsored by Inertia Cycleworks

1st NIMBA race of the year is this weekend and Bendix Woods

The first NIMBA Series race of 2014 is this Sunday, 4-27-14.  The Bendix Woods Time Trial is a great way to start your 2014 single track mountain bike racing season.  The twisting trail at Bendix Woods is in great shape and we saw fast times at last week’s club ride.

Online registration ends at 7PM on Saturday night at Bike Reg .  The race page on the NIMBA website contains additional information on the park and the race.

In 2014 we are starting all NIMBA races 1 hour earlier. On Sunday, the first race is 9AM Eastern time for experts, next race is Sports at 10AM and Beginners start at 11AM.

The park gates open at 8AM and there is a fee.

Register for the complete NIMBA Series (6 races) to save the most money. Information on the series is found here.

We have over 20 classes for all ages and abilities.

Time Trial  Sponsored by SpinZone

Bendix Woods County Park   New Carlisle, IN 

Distance Experts & Sports – 13.2 miles, Beginners – 6.6 miles

“class graduation” rules.

For 2014, we’ve had an overwhelming interest in a set of “class graduation” rules.  Honestly, this rule set is long overdue in our series.  We’ve created a very simple set of rules that are easy to follow.  We realize the transition from sport to expert is more drastic than the transition from beginner to sport, so we’ve created two sets of rules.  They are as follows:

Sport to Expert

  • If you won a series in 2013 in a competitive class (one where we paid 3 or more awards), you DO move up.
  • If you won a series in a class we paid less than 3 awards, you DO NOT move up.
  • If you won a series in a competitive class without a single 1st place finish, you DO NOT move up.
  • If you are under 18 years old, you DO NOT move up.
  • *Option – if you won a Sport series in a geared class, you may move up to Sport Singlespeed.  If you choose this option and win the Sport SS series in 2014, you move up to Expert the following year.  Additionally, if you place 2nd or 3rd in the Sport SS series AND log two 1st place finishes in individual races, you move up to expert.

Beginner to Sport

  • If you won a series in 2013 in any beginner class 20 and over, you DO move up.
  • If you logged two or more individual race 1st place finishes AND won a series award (2nd or 3rd place) in your class, you DO move up.
  • If you are under 18 years old, you DO NOT move up.

Thanks; and we look forward to seeing you in 2014!