January 2013

Welcome to the rebuilt NIMBA website.   We will continue to rollout new pages and revise existing ones on the website throughout the first half of 2013.  We have also decided to retire the nimbaseries.org website and move the NIMBA series race information onto the NIMBA website.

We will continue to use the NIMBA Facebook page as the forum/discussion site for NIMBA and mountain biking in general.  The Facebook page will also be the place to find the most recent updates on NIMBA and the trails.  A link to the Facebook page is found on the right hand side of the screen

As usual NIMBA has a full plate of projects and activities planned on 2013.  The NIMBA race series, Wednesday Night Club Time Trials, building the trail at Bonneyville Mill Park, NIMBA Jerseys, the Memorial Day Parade, Intro to Mountain Biking classes, a picnic, the fall campout, trail workdays and many more events and projects.   We look to the riders in our community to support or efforts by joining NIMBA and volunteering as they have time to assist us.  If you have any questions or comments for NIMBA, send us an email at nimba-bike[at]gmail.com.   

The social side of NIMBA

Now that the website is updated we will be making an effort to keep it up to date with the latest news about racing, trails days and all things NIMBA. To join the NIMBA conversation check out our FaceBook page. You will find out the latest trail conditions, group rides and bike parts for sale.


Can’t stand Facebook and don’t have a smart phone but still want to stay up on the latest NIMBA news? Follow NIMBA on Twitter. We will be posting to twitter all the late breaking NIMBA news. Set your Twitter account to get sms messages and you will be the first to know.

NIMBA on Strava



If you look on any of the new local trail pages you will notice Strava segments for each trail. These segments will help new riders determine  how long it will take to ride each trail or trail segment. Segments will also let you see how fast the really fast guys and gals ride each trail. Strava is a great way to track your progress as you improve your mountain biking skills. You can race against yourself or others virtually. See if you can knock the top guy or gal off the podium and become the king or queen of the mountain.

I have created a NIMBA Strava club that will let you find other NIMBA members on Strava. It is free to join and you can be a part of multiple clubs. Join now I am getting lonely.  Click here to see how Strava works. Basic requirements are a smart phone (iPhone or Android) or some sort of Garmin device. If you have a Garmin you can upload your old data to see how you stack up without even braving the cold.