5 Trail Challenge final info

5 Trail Challenge final info.

The weekend is upon us and here are the final details and instructions for the NIMBA 5 Trail challenge. T-shirt pickup is at TK Lawless On Saturday am 9-11.

Thank you for your continued support for NIMBA and your local trails.

Start times –  If you have pre-registered you may start at any trail as long as they are open or accessible. If registering the day of you will need to sign up at TK Lawless between 9 and 11 am on Saturday.

End times –  The event will end at all trails at the time they close for the evening or at 9 pm Sunday, whichever comes first.

Segments –  The five trail segments you will be timed on are live and are named as follows.

TK Lawless= let eagles fly. 

Bonneyville Mill= millin’ it up.

Potato Creek= Bobcat alley.

Rum Village= Rum dum dum.

Bendix woods= Studebaker run.

Please verify by saving your ride at each trail that the above segment is listed on your saved ride on Strava. Remember to turn off your Strava when traveling between trails and start a new ride at each trail.

I would recommend you save each ride by naming it “Five trail challenge Potato Creek” or whichever trail you have just completed.

Time discount. There are a total of 11 areas amongst the five trails for the opportunity to subtract 45 seconds at each area. The areas will be marked as you approach by orange or red hash marks painted on the trail within 50-200 feet before the designated area. Once you reach the area you will find a semi-circle with the initials of the trail inside of it. Place your bike (or part of) in the circle, take a picture, and move on. If you take pictures at any of the trails you will need to upload the photos to your Strava ride of the same trail to receive the time discount.

The times will be compiled at the conclusion of each night and the results will be posted as soon as they are sorted. It may be Monday evening before final results are posted but we will try our best to get them done Sunday evening.

GPS and Strava. Please verify that you have a good signal BEFORE you start your ride. Don’t forget to start your ride and remember you aren’t being timed on the whole lap, just the segment.

Please make sure you join the 5 Trail Challenge Group and NIMBA  Event on Strava. That will make it easier for us to keep score and you to see how your competitors or doing 😉

Trail etiquette  If you are coming upon a slower rider please be courteous. Announce your presence and request to pass at the earliest opportunity. We opened this event to all riders to show that whether we race or just ride recreationally we all share the same love for the trails.

If you still have questions please post them on the 5 Trail Challenge Event page on Facebook. or Ask on Twitter

Be respectful of others and above all have fun. We look forward to seeing you all out there!

Essential Mountain Bikes Skills Clinic August 26th

Essential Mountain Bikes Skills Clinic
Who: Anyone with basic mountain bike skills, a safe and functional mountain bike, and the ability to ride the beginner section at Rum Village Park. (Beginner section is similar to Potato Creek trail)

What: A NIMBA ICP certified instructor will present a level 1 skills clinic that will demonstrate basic techniques that are essential skills for trail riding; including body and pedal position, braking, and good group ride practices.

Where: The Rum Village Nature center parking lot.

When: Wednesday Evening at 6:30, August 26th

CALLING ALL CYCLISTS! Road, Mountain, CX, Fat bike, whatever.

The Tour de NIMBA wants you! Come join us for a fantastic ride.

What is the The Tour de NIMBA?
A ride on Saturday September 27th that includes 3 of NIMBA’s best mountain bike trails at Potato Creek, Bendix Woods and Rum Village, as well as the roads, farm roads, dirt roads in between.

We also understand this may not be your type of ride. If not, please consider volunteering at one of our SAGs, roving SAGs or other volunteer positions and then join us for the after-party sponsored by Evil Czech.

If you prefer to keep your riding on the road you can do that, too. With a slight modification. you can ride most of the course (including all SAGs) without touching dirt.

Sign up by the 20th to get the early discount and the opportunity to order a limited edition shirt.

Sign up to volunteer
for more info checkout out our TDN page & FAQ pages

Tour de NIMBA this weekend!

The weather looks great, the registrations are starting to ramp up and the interest level and excitement is building. Come join us for a 50K or 100K route that includes 2 or 3 or our trails as well as the roads in between. We have gained access to some great private roads along the way through some beautiful farm land. This route is only available for the tour and is closed for the rest of the year.

There is still time to pre-register for the Tour de NIMBA. The tour begins and ends at  Potato Creek State Park.

This is a ride to celebrate and raise money for our trails. You can ride fast, you can ride slow you can do a little of both. It is all up to you. We will have food and drink at our SAG stops and an after party with plenty of food and fun. It will be a great to swap stories from the day and the year.

If you aren’t familiar with our trails we would recommend riding a Mountain bike. A cross bike would also work if you are a good rider. A hybrid or road bike with wide tires might be workable if you skipped the trails portion of the ride but that would be hard to do at the start. You will be traveling on dirt, gravel and sandy trails on the road portion of the course.

Head over to our official Tour de NIMBA page of more details or just go ahead and sign up now. Still have questions? See our TDN FAQ

Weekly Club Time Trials start now!

Looks like tonight will be a great night for our first Wednesday night time trial.  The first two weeks we will be at Bendix Woods in preparation for our first official time trial on May 12th. This is a great opportunity to recon the course for that extra edge on race day.Top speed is not your goal? Come out and have a nice ride on our newest trail just for the fun of it. For NIMBA members the cost for the ride and camaraderie is always free.

Wednesday Weather

Registration begins at 6:15PM  and the first rider starts at 6:45PM followed by others at one minute intervals.

We spend two weeks at each trail, the time trial is always a single lap, the most improved time between the 2 weeks gets a Hacienda gift card.

Do women have a chance to win the most improved? Ask Marcel.

Why is it called a “Club Time Trial”? The time trial is open for current NIMBA members only, we need to do this because of insurance. Not a 2013 NIMBA member? Don’t worry, you can join NIMBA online or at any of the time trials.

How much does it cost each week? It’s free for members!

What a great way to kickoff National Bike Month… we had 17 people ride in the first Wednesday night club time trial for 2013 at Bendix Woods last night. Great weather and a lot of fun. Whomever improves there time the most next week wins a $10 hacienda gift card Results BW_Weekly TT 5-1-13