Matt Flournoy
I began on 2 wheels like most people, jumping things and getting from one place to another on a cheap BMX bike as a kid. Over the years I lost touch with bikes as I fell in love with cars and focused on basketball and baseball through high school. I jumped on a mountain bike in the early 2000’s with a KHS Descent and never stopped riding. Today you’ll find Fay and me riding trails and playing softball all summer long. Hope to see you all on the trails!




Greg Furry
Vice President

I began my cycling career on the road in the 80’s while still in high school. After a brief but successful stint racing in local rides like the Hilly Hundred as well as time trials and criteriums, I lost touch with cycling after a series of injuries and adolescent distractions. I started mountain biking in college at the University of Arizona and had a blast hitting “real” mountain bike trails. After college, I returned home to find we actually had real trails around here.

Married and three kids later with an extra 30 lbs, I decided it was time to get back on the bike. It was a slow road back, but now I am having more fun than ever. You can find me on the road or the trails. I am happy to go fast or slow as long as I can just get out and ride.



Tim Koscher

At Large Board Member




Robb Ayers, race director

Robb Ayers
Race Director

I started racing BMX in 1978 and have been in love with cycling ever since. Over the years, I have participated in many disciplines of cycling: BMX, road (road race and criterium), mountain bike (XC, downhill & dual slalom) and Cyclocross. I also do a lot of my own builds and repairs; I was a manager of a bike shop for 4 years.


Now that you know what we look like, say hello when you see us at the trail…