NIMBA jerseys are officially for sale!

Become part of Team NIMBA and show your NIMBA colors on the trail and at races.

This fully custom jersey starts with the Primal Urban Jersey . The Loose Fit Urban jersey is a hybrid cycling garment that crosses into lifestyle apparel without losing any technical characteristics. Comfortable on or off the bike, this jersey features a half length zipper, zippered rear pocket, and tagless neck label.

Here’s the important information.  Each jersey costs $60, tax and shipping is included in that price.  Primal donates $10 of each jersey sale back to NIMBA and $1 to IMBA.
This is a great opportunity for us to make some money for the club.  Get out there and sell some jerseys!

The initial order period will run for 4 weeks.  We must have a minimum of 15 orders for Primal to begin running them.  We’re going to see how many we can get in 4 weeks.  If someone misses the boat on the initial 15, they run the risk of not getting a jersey, because a 2nd run again requires another minimum of 15.  We’ll shoot for Wednesday April 10th as our initial order date.

The order form is set up to be printed, filled out, and mailed with a check.  No jersey will be ordered without payment. An online team store isn’t feasible because Primal will only allow it to stay open for 2 weeks and the cost of each jersey goes up by $10.  Pooling the orders and shipping them all to us when they’re finished keeps the cost down and allows us all the time we need.

The maximum time to receive a jersey order from the day it is placed is 10 weeks.  It could happen faster, but that’s the typical timeframe.  Let’s get the orders in to me so we can get our initial order placed on time to get the jerseys on the backs of riders for the majority of the season!

Grab the order form here >  NIMBA Jersey Order Form  and place your order ASAP!