16 Trail Summer

June 21st-September 26 (the last day of summer + a couple of days to include 1 last weekend) 

When the Northern Indiana Mountain Bike Association was founded in 1995 our first trail was Rum Village. In order to pay tribute and raise funds for NIMBA in 2020, we have created the 16 Trail Summer. This is an event to celebrate not only our trails but all trails within an hour of Rum Village. 

The 16 Trail challenge has three goals. #1 Get everyone out to our trails and the surrounding local trails. #2 Raise money for NIMBA so we can continue to support our trails and nearby trails.  #3 Sign up new members.

How do I participate?

Go to Bikereg to sign up

Choose your donation level. If you want a commemorative t-shirt after you hit all trails donate $25 or more select your size and ride all 16 trails before September 26th. 

How do I prove I rode all the trails? 

We are using the honor system for this one. Post a photo collage, a Strava list, or anything else you can think of to the NIMBA Facebook page or do nothing at all. Just remember the mountain bike karma gods are watching. 🙂 You can also log your rides further down on this page

What else do I get? 

You get an awesome adventure, and the chance to discover new trails!

A chance to meet new like-minded people at a nice social distance of course. 

What can I do to help? 

Become a trail guide 

We are looking for trail guides for all 16 trails. All you have to do is post the day and time you are going to ride your favorite trail and then guide new folks around. You pick the trail, you pick the day and time. 

Help spread the word. 

Invite all your friends! Surely you know someone that just bought a bike and wants to ride the trails with you. 

Invite a friend and tell them to put your name in the how did you hear about this question and you get an extra chance for a prize at the end. 

What 16 trails? 

Bendix Woods County Park

Bonneyville Mill Trail

Chikaming Township Park

Creek Side Trail

Imagination Glen Park

Soldiers – LaPorte

Love Creek Nature Center

Madeline Bertrand County Park

Meyer Broadway Park

Potato Creek State Park

Red Mill

Rum Village Park

TK Lawless County Park

Trails at Mill Pond


Winona Lake Mountain Bike Trail

Find them all here

Log your rides here!